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oh boy i hope i’m not too late guise.

Peacock is my fucking jam


Some of the many funny Batman and Alfred moments over the years. BROTP.



In which Dís is fed up with idiots and fighting and decides to do something about it, saving the day with her awesomeness and now everyone can go home.

I wish it would end like this!


having the option between sneaking past enemies or killing everything in sight in video gamesimage

I vote that we stop calling years ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ and start referring to them as ‘First Age’ and ‘Second Age’.

I just beat the first 4 Assassin’s Creed games (AC1, AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations) in a little over 3 weeks. I think I might have a problem.


the hobbit: a summary 


hey guys hey look deadpool test footage!!!~ 



Why is this so fucking funny? 

Because advertising hype, especially for a teevee movie, is often funny.

Then add in the incongruity of that particular style of American voiceover, which really only worked when it was done by the late Ernie Anderson over at ABC (or William Woodson in the case of plugging Superman: The Movie), with the cheesy reputation among Americans that Doctor Who had at the time (certainly not the “television event” let alone “the motion picture event of the year”), and it can’t help but become funny.